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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

We believe in least privileged access for all functionality, by only granting what permissions are needed to get the job done.

 Our tools install into your tenancy under a “Managed Resource Group” (MRG). 

By default, our Support engineers only have access to the services (functionApps, logicApps, logs) that are installed in the “Managed Resource Group”. 

Our support engineers cannot access anything outside this “Managed Resource Group” nor can they see anything outside the MRG. 

The installed services by default only have access to the services that were installed alongside them.

Out of the Box, our application does not have any permissions to your Tenancy.

 To enable our tools to run as needed we provide a ARM Template that clearly shows what permissions are required to run the automation.



Our tools, once installed only give us access to the Azure Services (FunctionApps, LogicApps, Logs) that are installed inside the “Managed Resource Group” (MRG).

The permissions that you setup will only allow least privileged access to manage VM’s, Bastions and other services as we on-board them.

First 7 days is free and then it is pay for what you manage under our Toolset.

USD $10 per month for each VM under management.

USD $49 per month for each Bastion under management.

Azure VM’s and Services are “Always-On”.

We want to give you the tools to manage your Cloud for your Business needs.

Business is Monday-Friday 9-5, you can optimise your cloud services, so they run on your schedule, run for your business as needed.