Manage My VMs

Your In-Tenancy cloud Tool that lets you schedule and save costs on your Azure VMs.

The One Tool that :

  •  Is Azure Marketplace Certified.
  •  Is deployed inside Your Cloud, No External access.
  •  Has On-Demand Turn On/Off.
  •  Schedules your resources for Business needs
  •   (Mon-Fri, 9-5 reducing spend by 65%)

MicroCloud Service : ManageMyVMs.

Manage My VM Schedules is a service that will stop and deallocate tagged VMs and start them again on a user defined schedule helping organisations reduced costs for VMs that do not need to be running constantly.

  • Align with Business needs.
  • Manage your Costs efficiently.
  • Gain back control of your Cloud.


Install in your Tenancy Now

In-Tenancy, Cost savings, Auto On/Off Scheduler

Manage Your Azure VMs
Free - $49/ mo (usd)
  • Schedule for Business needs
  • On-Demand Turn On/Off
  • Mon-Fri, 9-5, Save Up to 65% of Costs