Manage My Orphan Disks

Your In-Tenancy cloud Tool that identifies/manages orphaned disks.

The One Tool that :

  •  Is Azure Marketplace Certified.
  •  Is deployed inside Your Cloud, No External access.
  •  Discovers and Manages Orphaned Disks.

Best of Breed Resource Utilization

This is where you can effortlessly locate and eliminate orphaned disks, transforming your cloud infrastructure into a lean, mean, efficient machine.

Cloud Management

Managing a complex cloud environment is a breeze with Orphan Disk Finder.
Our user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly scan, locate, and delete orphaned disks, putting you in the driver's seat of your cloud infrastructure.
No more manual searching or guesswork - streamline your management tasks and regain control.

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Cost Efficiency

Unmanaged orphaned disks can lead to ballooning costs that impact your bottom line.
Orphan Disk Finder helps you avoid unnecessary expenses by locating these dormant disks and allowing you to remove them with ease.
Spend your budget where it matters most.

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UnManaged/UnAllocated Disks are not just a drain on resources and budget, they are also an operational risk.
The Saying "You don't know, what you don't know" is relevant, with ManageMyOrphanedDisks you can easily locate, backup and delete your orphaned disks.
If the VM has been removed and you have unknown data on Orphaned disks, archive it for later retreival and delete it with ManageMyOrphanedDisks.

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MicroCloud Service : ManageMyOrphanDisks.

An orphan resource is an unused resource that can exist unconnected to a workload in Azure. Many are an absorbed cost that you pay for, others have no cost, but they can incur a maintenance and complexity cost within your Organization.

  • Discover the leaks in your Budget.
  • Manage your Orphaned resources .
  • Gain back control of your Cloud.


Install in your Tenancy Now

In-Tenancy, Discover. Manage, Delete

Discover/Manage Your Orphaned Disks
$5/ mo (usd)
  • Find UnManaged/UnAllocated Disks
  • Back them Up
  • Delete from Inside the Workbook