Manage My Bastion

Your In-Tenancy cloud Tool that lets you schedule and Save costs on your Azure Bastion.

The One Tool that :

  •  Is Azure Marketplace Certified.
  •  Is deployed inside Your Cloud, No External access.
  •  Has On-Demand Turn On/Off.
  •  Schedules your resources for Business needs
  •   (Mon-Fri, 9-5 reducing spend by 65%)

With ManageMyBastion, you're in command.
Set activation and deactivation Bastion instances based on your business hours,
optimizing accessibility while conserving resources.

Cost Management

ManageMyBastion empowers you to align your Azure Bastion usage with your operational needs.
Activate Bastion instances only when required, ensuring you're not spending valuable resources on idle instances.
It's cost management at its finest, budget = optimized.

On-Demand Productivity

ManageMyBastion offers you the ability to activate Bastion instances on-demand, providing instant, secure access for critical tasks.
Whether it's configuration, testing, or collaboration, you're in control.

Deep Azure Integration

ManageMyBastion integrates effortlessly into your Azure ecosystem. With an intuitive interface, you can easily set up schedules, manage access, and optimize your Bastion instances.
It's the missing piece that transforms Azure Bastion into a Business capability, not just Security functionality.

MicroCloud Service : ManageMyBastion.

Azure Bastion is always 'On' and therefore your organisation is paying for it 24 x 7 x 365, whether your VMs and other Azure resources are turned off or your users require access to these VMs.

  • Align with your Business needs, schedule your Bastion for accessiibility in your business hours.
  • On-Demand Turn-On / Turn-Off.
  • Maintain control, your cloud, your tenancy.


Install in your Tenancy Now

In-Tenancy, Cost savings, Auto On/Off Scheduler

Manage Your Azure Bastions
$49/ mo (usd)
  • Schedule for Business needs
  • On-Demand Turn On/Off
  • Mon-Fri, 9-5, Save Up to $1600/ py (usd)

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