Reduce Cloud Risk and Spend. Instantly.

With Tools that :

  •  Reduce Your Risk, if its not on, it can't be attacked.
  •  Have Confidence your Costs are optimized, from 'Always-On' to only when needed.
  •  Increased Security, reduced access, installed in your Tenant, ZERO External access .
  •  Schedule your resources for Business needs
  •   (Mon-Fri, 9-5 reducing spend by 65%)

Automate Your Cloud services to be Costing you only When you need them.


Go from Reactive to Productive.

Your Tenancy

Install from the Azure Marketplace.
All resources are internal to YOUR Tenancy there is ZERO external access required.
Never give any external application permission again.

JIT Access

Your Tenancy, Your control.
With just-in-time (JIT) access, you have greater control over granting access to the managed resources of the Azure Managed Applications.

ManageMy OrphanDisks

ManageMy Orphan Disks is an In-Tenancy cloud service that identify's and removes orphaned disk resources that are running up costs with no clear ownership or purpose.

ManageMy Costs

ManageMy Costs is an In-Tenancy cloud service that profiles scenarios where you can estimate cost reductions from your own data.

ManageMy Bastion

ManageMyBastion is an In-Tenancy cloud tool that lets you to Set activation and deactivation Bastion instances based on your business needs,
optimizing accessibility while reducing costs.

ManageMy VMs

ManageMyVMs is an In-Tenancy cloud service that will stop and deallocate tagged VMs and start them again on a user defined schedule

In App Metering

Discover your savings, daily, monthly ,yearly.
The sooner In-App metering is installed the sooner you realise your savings.


Produce comparison scenario's, so you can determine the best practice for your use case.

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